A new multi-purpose platen kit designed to allow users to quickly change to allow printing on a variety of sizes and locations on a garment.  The most versatile platen kit every designed for the Brother DTG line of printers, the T-Lock Platen kit allows users to get the most out of their printer and offer their customers the ability to personalize more items.


Powder coated metal platform designed to help maximize ROI by printing on more substrates.


Kit includes over 9 different platen inserts for printing on baby, youth, sleeves, zippers, polos and more.


Unique design that allows for switching from one platen insert to another by twisting the locking mechanism.


Registration bolts prevent the platen inserts from sliding and leveling bolts help to provide the best possible print.


Select from one of our optional platen inserts to offer your customers something new to increase your sales.


Need a custom size platen insert?  No problem, use T-Lock Base to make your own to match your needs.

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Included Platen Inserts

Below are the following items that are included with the purchase of a T-Lock Platen Kit.

Metal Base with Pins

Made from powder coated metal, this base was designed from manufacturing platens for Brother DTG printers for several years.

H-Based Platen Insert

This platen insert is used to mount the following platen inserts that are attached using threaded inserts and wing nuts (included in the Accessories Kit).

Zipper Platen Inserts

These two XX” x XX” inserts have slots in the top side to allow users to adjust the width of the gap to allow full zip garments to be easily printed.

Youth Platen Insert

This 10.5” x 12.5” platen insert is designed to work with the Youth Platen in the Brother DTG driver and is perfect for printing on Youth size garments, tote bags and medium size items.

These two 4.25” x 4.25" square inserts are designed for printing on short sleeves and pocket prints.

Polo Inserts

Used in conjunction with the Zipper Inserts, the Polo Inserts allow for printing on polo shirts and other garments that have buttons at the top of the neckline.

Baby Platen Insert

This 6.5” x 8.5” platen insert is designed to work with the Baby Platen in the Brother DTG driver and is ideal for printing on onesies and other infant size garments.

Long Sleeve Platen Insert

This 4” x 14” rectangle insert is designed for printing on long sleeves using the included black clips and wing nuts in the Accessories Kit.

Accessories Kit

A package of wing nuts, bolts and other key items needed to use the variety of inserts that come with the T-Lock Platen kit.

Optional Platen Inserts

Below are the available platen inserts that can be purchased separately and used with the T-Lock Platen Kit.


We have compiled a list of all of our Frequently Asked Questions that we have been asked about the T-Lock Platen.  Your questions might already have been answered.  Take a minute to review our FAQ page.

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